A program for women who are tired of putting others first.

Have you been dreaming of a better life?


One where you:

--->  Feel happy and fulfilled.

--->  Experience more joy and less struggle.

--->  Shine your light doing more of what you love.


 Are you wondering if this program is right for you?

With a one-one call, we can discover if the 3 Keys to Unconditional Happiness are right for you.


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How can the 3 Keys radically transform your life?

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If you want to live a fulfilled and happy life now, BUT you...



 ... put other people’s needs ahead of your own.


... don’t think you deserve happiness or don’t think happiness is your birthright.


... have no idea how to get started.

You can learn how to use The Keys to transform your life!

Key #1:  Practice Awareness

By deepening your connection to your body’s wisdom, you’ll discover how awareness and acceptance go hand in hand to live a fulfilled and happy life.

Key #2:  Set Boundaries

When you stop saying yes when you mean no, instead of pleasing others, you get to say YES to yourself! By bravely setting boundaries, you cultivate what you need, discover what gets in your way, and create a life you love.

Key #3:  Honor Your Unique Path

Maintaining a way of being and state of mind that resonates with your truth allows you to stay focused on your unique path to create a joy-filled life.

If you long for a different life,

one with more joy and inner peace, don’t wait! With the 3 Keys to Unconditional Happiness Program, you’ll:


✨  Develop confidence and replace insecurity with clarity to achieve your goals.


✨  Let go of putting others first by honoring what you need.


✨  Learn practices and soulful tools to practice in your daily life to stay focused on your goal.


✨  Let your inner light shine with so much clarity that you automatically inspire others.


Don’t let your inner calling fade away! You’re just a step away from a happier and more fulfilled life.


 Let’s talk and see if the 3 Keys to Unconditional Happiness program is right for you.


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"Manuela, with her kindness, compassion, and incredible knowledge, has taught me so many things over the last twenty years. Following back surgery, she taught me new ways to do yoga, she taught me to be brave and speak my truth, and she taught me the importance of staying grounded.

My Tiny Islands help me focus on what I need daily, see more clearly, and appreciate small things, bringing me comfort and joy."

~ Roni

"Manuela's calm and relaxing sessions have been a saving grace to me during the pandemic. I anticipated taking her Unconditional Happiness program would continue to rekindle my desire to deepen my connection to my body to be more flexible and stay healthy as I age.

But I learned how my deepened awareness rekindled a bodily awareness to be flexible in life and cultivate the life I want.

Each time I do a session with Manuela, my inner consciousness is opened to how I live my life, and I often wonder why I didn’t do this sooner. A new appreciation of myself is evolving from Manuela's wise teachings."

~ Donna

The 3 Keys to Unconditional Happiness Program includes...


✔️  3 one-hour private sessions (a value of $750).

✔️  Mid-week check-in and short, inspirational email (a value of $75).

✔️  A short video with your personalized home practice (a value of $50).

✔️ Text and email support throughout the sessions (a value of $25).


Your total value is $900!

Invest in your true well being:



2 monthly payments




Save $97


Invest in your true well being:


3 Keys to Unconditional Happiness Program


To summarize, if you have a longing or a dream of a life where you feel happy and fulfilled with less daily struggle, and strive for more confidence and clarity in creating the life you really want, join our program, and you have the keys to your foundation in your hands.




If you aren’t completely satisfied with your 3 Keys to Unconditional Happiness, let us know within the first 14-days for a full refund. No questions asked.


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