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Summer is in full swing. Today, learn more about the Magic of the Summer Scents… and my new summer scent ritual!

I remember this:

Summer has magical scents.

Last week I shared my memory of peaches. Even now, a picture of peaches makes me smile and feel the joy, scent, and taste of picking one in my dad's garden. And that's about 55 years ago!

Knowing that our brain stores scents and the associated memories forever, you can actively get involved in leaving the couch and the worry trap behind by letting the surrounding scents of nature do their magic!

Can’t go out? Have a friend pick up a sprig of lavender or rosemary, anything with a scent, and dive into their healing power, Or read about my summer ritual below.

Over the last few months, I have had a heightened awareness of our sensory awareness and the sense of smell in particular,  because of the joy, ease, and peace they can bring into our days.

I devoted a whole month in the    Tiny Island Membership to Softening the Senses.

And boy did I get hooked!

The energy and vibrancy the practices create is a gift from nature I want in my life forever, and share it with you.


I feel reassured that healing of all kinds of challenges we face in our lives is happening from the inside out. Just like happiness… it’s an inside job!


My newest summer ritual is from a woman a deeply admire:

Hildegard of Bingen, a German Mystic and Healer who lived 1000 years ago. You can read more about her in the fabulous book, ” Hildegard von Bingen. A Saint For Our Times”

Here’s my new summer ritual. She wrote that anger in all of its forms has its roots in a wounded heart that lacks love and understanding. She speaks about helping her hot-anger patients by having them take a sniff of rose and sage on a daily basis.


Do this: get scented roses and sage leaves. Take a deep breath of each one of them, then rub them between your palms, and breathe in the scent again. Let them dry for later uses and keep smelling them daily. You can also use rose or sage oil.

🌴 Tiny Island - The Magic of Rose & Sage

Roses delight and bring joy.

Sage comforts and heals.

Take a sniff of both 

Anger, worry, and sorrow evaporate


Let’s do this right now:

Imagine the scent of roses. If you have ever smelled one, you’ll connect immediately to the ahh … it-smells-so-good-feeling. Remember, even imagining the scent will stimulate the healing response in your brain! Enjoy!


Much love always,

Manuela 🐘✨🌴

P.S. Find out more about the Tiny Island Membership here:

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