✨ Wednesday Whisper 3/15/23

content hope loss love uncertainty wednesdaywhisper Mar 15, 2023
contented living

Hello ….

I'll travel with little writing time this month, but I picked some of my favorite voices to inspire you. See below.

First, here’s a taste of our trip.

From rain-soaked and storm-battled California, we got snowed in at Tahoe; we never saw such amounts of snow before and drove through Highway 50, the loneliest and saddest road in the U.S., to Death Valley, National Park. Wow, it left us speechless with its insane nature landscape; I felt like an ant that had landed on Mars or Moon.

To top the extremes, we are now in Las Vegas, the queen of noise, to visit the largest construction trade show in the U.S. with 130000 visitors. I can’t help but feel like an ant again, rushing up and down the elevators!

Today I honor Wolfgang from Goethe, 1749 to 1832. If he lived today, he sure would be a Positive Psychologist.



I'm flooded with memories. I had no fear 36 years ago, only trust and love when I visited this show for the first time in 1987. I arrived here from Germany with two suitcases full of dreams, starting my life with Jochen.

Soon fear entered with brutal force when losses entered my life and my dreams were stolen.

I had to find new ways of being. 

Life after Loss is such an extraordinary teacher. 

My friends, wherever you are on your journey, let's be grounded in trust, hope, and love and prioritize caring for our body, mind, and soul daily!


See you next week!

You are important.

Make yourself a priority! 💗

Big Love,

Manuela 🌴✨🐘


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