$444.00 USD

Tiny Islands Tour of Germany

Manuela’s treasure chest of Tiny Island tools is inspired by healing traditions from her cultural roots in Germany, European traditions, and her life as a special needs mom.

Anchored in 35 years of studying and teaching body-mind-healing.

Enrich each day with wisdom and rituals (or practices) to repeatedly anchor yourself with deep trust in your life.

What you'll experience:

  • Tips to stay emotionally balanced
  • Deepened awareness
  • Self love
  • Inner strength
  • Vibrant energy to power you through the day
  • Bringing more presence into daily life

Here are some Tiny Island transformations:

Thank you! Your gentle words are a wonderful reminder to be present and enjoy the moment. Indeed, it’s time to stop and breathe and appreciate the flowers and everything else around me.


I have integrated my Tiny Islands into my everyday life as my power places. Some days I go 'island-hopping' and overcome even the most difficult challenges in my life.