✨ Wednesday Whisper 1/17/24

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Expect Joy. Be Positive


Have you started kick-starting your day by setting the dial to Expect Joy? Trust me, it's like turning on your sunshine!

If you're already on board with this 🌴 Tiny Island ritual, big high-fives to you! If, on the other hand, you're wavering between a hesitant "no" or a sporadic "sometimes," it's time to commit to cultivating Happiness Habits!

And a friendly reminder: if you dwell in the land of negativity (we've all been there), cut it out! It's as useful as catching the sunshine with a butterfly net. Instead, count to five and find that first tiny joy – it's like a pocket-sized miracle!

This simple act is more potent than you might think. It’s a habit that grows when nurtured daily!

🍓 Picture it like this: you're planting a seed in the soil, and come spring, you'll eat delicious strawberries. Water it with care, tend to it with love, and soon enough, those green leaves will sprout and flourish. It's a happiness miracle waiting to happen!

Think of these daily joys as your Tiny Islands to build Happiness Habits. They’re stepping stones to becoming a master 🐘 Dream Dancer, loving your balancing act!


So, here is today’s...

🌴 Tiny Island - Get 1% better every day.

Enjoy your special Video to guide you through this practice:

And support from Albert Einstein:

If you want to live a happy life,

tie it to a goal,

not to people or objects.


My friends, love yourself a little more today!

With love, Manuela

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