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Create for youself!

Hello……. and Happy 2023!

Is there something you'd like to create for yourself this New Year?

Some people make New Year's resolutions. I don't; they never work. According to research, they are often short-lived because they focus on a lack you feel or something you don't like about yourselves.

I set intentions instead because they focus on something positive to create for the future.

I like to inspire you to try it out. You can set intentions for the day, week, month, or year. Each time you follow through, you grow the skills you need to have more energy, health, and joy.

For January, I'll share a 

🌴 Tiny Island Tip For The Week to support you in tapping into the power of setting intentions:

Yes! 7 days. Plan to pay attention to this tip for seven days. Only when we take care of ourselves daily can we deepen our awareness about how we feel and what we need!

Here's your intention for the week:

🌴 Tiny Island Tip for the Week

If you get tired,

Learn to rest. 

Not quit.

If exhaustion is the underlying feeling you have most days, this Tiny Island will help.

Ask yourself: What causes the exhaustion?

Is it your endless do-do-do list, or are you caring for loved ones?

Ask again:  Have you programmed yourself, like most women do, to take care of everything and everybody first and then run out of time to care for yourself?

I know how this feels. I learned the hard way that my 24-7 caretaker life with my special needs daughter Sarina will destroy the woman I am besides being a mother. I felt like walking in chains, and time thieves were stealing my peace. I could not let that happen; I am convinced no matter what hardship is delivered to us on our life's path, it's not meant to dim our light.

That's why I created the 🌴 365 Tiny Islands.

In the thick of exhaustion, I received an insight to create short practices I could weave into my busy day to feel better. I did and called them Tiny Islands. Read more here:

Here’s what resting is not:

Collapsing on the couch 

Lying down, checking the phone, reading, or watching TV.

Here's what resting is:

It's a choice. You pause for five to ten minutes in the middle of the day, even when you don't feel tired. (you can set a timer). You lie down, put an eye pillow on your eyes, your hands on your belly, breathe, and let go!

It's being still and doing nothing but being present to yourself!

I promise you the part of your nervous system that helps you relax will deliver and gift you what you need; a life filled with the energy to care for yourself and others.

Click reply to this letter and let me know if you are resting every day and how it makes you feel!

See you next week!

You are important. Make yourself a priority! 💗

Big Love,

Manuela 🌴✨🐘

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