✨ Wednesday Whisper 10/18/23

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Wednesday Whisper - Choose Trust

It’s “How to Nurture Happiness” month.

Do you remember the Tiny Islands story Chase Away Doubt? I shared it two weeks ago! Click and … remember to “take the F E R R Y…”

It’s so easy to forget! Our brain cannot choose for us. It keeps us in our comfort zone. Same old, same old. What fires together, wires together. You need to choose new ways of thinking and rewire your brain.

That's fantastic! We are not stuck ☺️.

Choose trust if you want to shrink doubt. Aka, take the ferry and commit to saying goodbye to negative thoughts!

In the pics, I am chasing away my doubts by writing them on a piece of paper, putting them in a paper boat, and letting them float. 

Don’t forget. I want to ignite you to remember to remember…your goals and dreams!

Awareness is the game changer! It will guide you to remember!

Nothing changes if we fall victim to our autopilot habits! Of staying too busy, attached to our worry chain, doubts, judgments, sadness, anger, grief, lack of trust, and your storyline.

We cannot have too much happiness in our lives. Fill up your happiness account every day!

Use heightened AWARENESS with today’s three powerful helpers to nurture your happiness. Trust, they will sustain you when all hell breaks loose!


        1. Pause - It’s your foundation.

Pause now and remember the magical and unique creation you are. Acknowledge your:

  • Body - roll your shoulders
  • Breath - enjoy a deep breath in and out
  • Brain - relax, soften your face


  1.  Breath - the bridge between your body and brain

Deep breathing activates the part of your nervous system that signals your brain to tell the anxious parts that you’re safe. There is no need to shrink into the fight-flight-freeze response.


It’s that powerful!


  1. 🌴 Tiny Island - Three Times Three (3 minutes)


If you pause and stop being busy, you will receive inner guidance for those Fork in the Road moments. Left or right? One choice over the other? Yes or No? 

In the pause, you can hear follow the whispers of your soul!


💗 You’re important! Invest in your growth! Act on your longing, not your doubt!

Love yourself more, not less, when challenged!


Big Love…



P.S. Elevate your happiness and cherish unforgettable moments and lessons on the Tiny Island Tour of Germany.

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