✨ Wednesday Whisper 10/25/23

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Loving ourselves unconditionally exactly how we love our children or people we are close to is like coming home to ourselves.


I start every day like this:

I hug myself and say: “Good Morning, Manuela. I love you!”


I wasn’t taught this. The awareness of self-love was not born yet. Oh boy, quite the opposite. "Never start a sentence with I, that's selfish," was a strict rule.

Once I understood the healing power of caring for my heart, I taught myself to love myself.

Through self-knowledge, we develop self-compassion and learn to be more gentle with ourselves. To love ourselves, we need to accept the pain of seeing the people we love suffer and be okay with suffering ourselves.

Here’s some Wednesday Love for you:

Now, imagine you're watching yourself wake up.


Like most people, you have to go to pee first.

You sleepwalk to the bathroom, do nothing else, and return to bed. You keep the lights dim and don’t talk to anyone.

Back in bed, you have a goal. You get cozy under the cover, you see yourself stretching and then lying still. With your hands on your belly, you feel your first conscious breath in and out.

This fills you with awe. You celebrate the miracle of I’m alive


Now you hug yourself and say:

“Good Morning (insert name), I love you!”

From today on, don’t let any day pass without this hug!

Hugs always Heal… Here’s a hug for my tree, Lola. 


Life is a practice…start every day with a hug instead of:


  • Being frustrated with the aches in your body
  • Attaching to the worry train in your mind
  • Moaning about your to-do list 
  • Being upset about what someone said yesterday or 25 years ago.


These are all disempowering thoughts. Stop them. Hug yourself and create positive ones instead!


🌴 Tiny Island  ✨ Your Gift Day and Night

Enjoy your video here:



💗Hugging is believing in yourself!

October was "nurture your happiness month.” Reflect, refresh, and act on the powerful Tiny Island practices I shared… find them here.

Share in the comments which one you like best. I’d love to hear from you!


Last, add this ritual 👇 before you go to sleep:

Hug yourself and say: “Good Night (insert your name), I love you!”

I celebrate you. You have mastered the art of living by nurturing your happiness.

Love yourself more, not less, when challenged!


Big Love…



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