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wednesday whisper

Happy October!

October is How to Nurture Happiness Month.

This is the theme of my life and my mission. I have searched for answers in books, spiritual teachers, and my life's story.

I created the Tiny Islands to help us do that. Their power lies in the transformation that happens when we:


  • Pause and allow for small every day breaks to interrupt the autopilot.
  • Engage in soulful practices to activate healing.
  • Become more flexible thinkers, more willing to step out of our shadows.
  • See things in a different light.
  • Stimulate your brain to grow new empowering habits.


For example, the Tiny Island Tour of Germany starts with a Tiny Island called Find Your Soul Word. It acts like a compass for the Journey. It makes us aware when we go astray. We can choose a Soul Word for the month or longer. You decide!

I’m transitioning from two busy weeks in CA 🌞 back to Germany. I combined two Tiny Islands practices for the trip to anchor myself in this whirlwind of feelings and actions. I ignited my Soul Word by visiting Soul Places.

My Soul Place while Traveling - The Beach

My Soul Word for October - Paradise


What’s the most potent inhibitor of our happiness?


And do you know what doubt can’t stand?



Here’s a Tiny Island Story to inspire you to chase away doubt.

🌴 Tiny Island Story ✨ Yes - No - Maybe?

Click here for a two-minute inspiration:


Stay tuned for more wisdom on nurturing your happiness with the next whispers.

Have you checked out the Tiny Island Tour of Germany?

I’m so happy about what my clients on the tour share with me, especially the process of finding their Soul Word.

Creating the Tour was a dream of mine. And like all dreams, it was a walk on the tightrope ⚖️. Doubt and Trust traveled with me every day. I chose my Soul Word to guide me. It was Trust.

💗 Act on your longing, not your doubt!


Love yourself more, not less, when challenged!

Big Love…


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