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Be a Dream Dancer

November Soulful Voices

This month, let’s pay attention to your balance!



This month, let’s pay attention to your balance!

As we approach the Holidays, I invite you to join my Dream Dancer Village.

For me, the Dream Dancer Village is a dream come true. To be a Dream Dancer Woman means I know how to master my balance.



I follow two rules:

  1. I take care of my physical health every day.
  2. I honor my inner life by taking care of my soul.


Every Tiny Island is an invitation to live the Dream Dancer life.

🌴 Tiny Island - My AHA Rule

A - Awareness of balance. Say no to too much negative input from outside.

H - Hold the worry train. Your inside balance breaker. 

A - Awe. Intentionally create moments of Happiness every day. Click below to watch the video:

My friends live with deepened awareness, curiosity, and intention! I’m so happy you’re in my life!

Love yourself more, not less, when challenged!


Big Love…



P.S. Are you looking for a 🎁 gift for that special person? Maybe this special one is you? Be your hero! Let the Tiny Islands guide you and start your journey here.


P.P.S. Join my private Facebook group, The Dream Dancer Women here.

Enjoy a 30-minute session on setting the tone for the week. Every Monday at 9 am P.T. / 11 am E.T. /17h German time.

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