✨ Wednesday Whisper 3/22/23

courage flowers joy smile wednesdaywhisper Mar 22, 2023
Spin something from Joy

Hello ….

Today, I honor the poet Julia Fehrenbacher.

When I first read the title of her poem, The Cure for it All, I thought: “I’d love that… but a cure for it all?”

After reading it, I nodded, smiling at Julia’s brilliant words.

Enjoy, and let me know what you think!


Choose one of her tips for the week. Or join me…


🌴 Tiny Island - Spin something from Joy

Take a few breaths while letting your eyes enjoy a pink flower. 

Let it make you smile.

As you go through your day, spin it into joy each time you see something pink or a flower.


See you next week!

You are important.

Make yourself a priority! 🌷


Big Love,

Manuela 🌴✨🐘

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