✨ Wednesday Whisper 4/26/23

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Memories last a lifetime!

April Soulful Voices

Memories last a lifetime!




The only car that ever meant more to me than a vehicle to get from A to Z is my 15-year-old car, Bobby.

He is a top-less two-seater. The days I announced: “Today I drive top-less!” (smile) are back!

After three years in storage, I drove him again on Sunday.

Aww, the memories ❤️.

I turned into Janis Joplin all through the summers roaring with her Bobby McGee... Yeah!


Before I started the car on Sunday, I took a moment to remember. Smiling at Sarina's tiny wire cross hanging from the rearview mirror, I turned on the radio. Whose voice spoke to me? Pema Chodron’s.

I bought that CD in my first workshop with her in 1999 in Berkeley, and it has its permanent place in the car.


🌴Tiny Islands Moment

How can you make room for what’s needed in your life right now?

Commit to celebrating your awareness about who you are and what you can let go of!


See you next week. 

I’ll be greeting you from Germany! Can’t wait to hug my girl!


You are important.

Make yourself a priority! 💗


Big Love,

Manuela 🌴✨🐘


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