✨ Wednesday Whisper 5/10/23

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Which part of your contentment muscle is running the show…



Above my desk in Germany, I have a 7’ x 4’ pin board above my computer. It holds postcards, quotes, lucky charms, and pictures of the last 30 years.


As my being-back-ritual, I scan the board, read each word, and am awed by the stories the pictures tell. It’s time travel and, at the same time, anchors me in the present moment. 


Here’s the # 1 postcard I pinned in 2006. 


It makes me smile and alert at the same time as I ask: “Is my Contentment Muscle weak or strong? Or, in other words, which feelings are Running the Show?”

If you often think or hear yourself say: “If I could (fill-in-the-blank” and then you feel DISCONTENT, pause. Step up your awareness and make being CONTENT your core feeling.


Why?  It’s your #1 tool to accept your unique life path and live a genuinely happy life.



Add this is how:




Notice when you think or say:  

“I should, I wish I could, or I’ll be happy when…”

Pause and reframe.

Take a deep breath.

Notice how you feel.

Recognize the feeling of

not having what you want.

Be willing to let it go with your exhalation.

Repeat as needed!

Embrace what you are grateful for!


Enjoy my hometown, Speyer! They celebrated their 2000th year anniversary in 1990!


You are important.

Shine your light! 💡


Big Love,

Manuela 🌴✨🐘

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