✨ Wednesday Whisper 5/17/23

daughters love mothersday roses wednesdaywhisper May 17, 2023
Hi, I love you!


Last week, my daughter Sarina was home and I got to test one of my favorite mindset tools:


“When life puts you in tough situations,


Try not to say




And instead say


“TRY ME. “


Autism Spectrum Life is a walk on a tightrope. One moment sunshine, thunder the next!


Time Management is the beast, as we never get to where we want on time.


To be in the city by 11 am turned into 2 pm.


I needed to return home at 6 pm. But Sarina wanted to spend more time in the bookstore.


All alarms went on… can I trust her to be home before dark? I took a deep breath. Banned the old stories of her not coming home and the many times I couldn’t find her.


I asked her to set a timer to remind her when to come home.


Boy did start a storm: “I don’t need a reminder; I’m not a child.”


More breathing.


We argued. She set the timer.


I left. “Trust, she is not a child.”


That’s when I looked at the sky again and, with my hand to my heart and a deep breath, said:” Try me.”


It was 6:45 pm when my meeting was over, and I heard the door bang and her voice chime: “I’m home; I love you!”


Look what I saw:

“For you, Mschen, 32 red roses. One for each year; you’re my mom.”


Sarina has always been my teacher. The ✨🐘 Dream Dancer from the first moment of her life!


Happy Me!


🌴Tiny Island - Lead from Your Heart

The moment you hear yourself say or think,

“Why me?” Replace it with “Try me!”

Place your hand on your heart, breath, and trust!


You are important.

Shine your light! πŸ’‘


Big Love,

Manuela 🌴✨🐘

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