✨ Wednesday Whisper 5/24/23

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Joy is a net of love

May Soulful Voices

“Joy is a net of love by which you can catch souls.”

Mother Theresa




Do you know the main ingredient of True Happiness?


It’s Joy.


Remember the Tiny Island Tip I shared a couple of weeks ago?


“Spin something from Joy.”


Where I invited you to spin joy by using a color?


🔗 You can revisit the video with the link below!


Because I’m on a Joy Journey, and I’d love for you to hop on, today you can spin joy from water.


Last week we dropped off Sarina at her place in Bavaria.


I was exhausted and sad. And at the same time, filled with gratefulness.


I sat down and watched the fountain in her village light up. I knew looking and enjoying it while staying attached to my thoughts was not good enough.


So, what’s the best way to erase hardship? CHOOSE JOY!


It took only 7 seconds to move from feeling low to feeling joy. Watch it here!


And that’s the thing. If you truly want to change a dark mood or the downward spiral of worry thoughts, you must act.


You must pay attention, choose your focus, and take responsibility for how you want to feel.


Here we go:


🌴 Tiny Island - Grow Joy!


Interrupt the autopilot.


The moment you feel tired or notice worry thoughts...




Take a deep breath.




Count to 5 and get up.


Visit a fountain or turn on the faucet.


Wet your hands and forearms.


Shake the water off in all directions. 

Breathe out!


Hands to heart, feel your aliveness, and move on.


P.S. No water nearby? Visualize water and practice!


👉 Click here to listen to the Tiny Islands! And please subscribe to my channel. You’ll brighten my day! 


You are important.


Shine your light! 💡


Big Love,


Manuela 🌴✨🐘

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