✨ Wednesday Whisper 6/21/23

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When we laugh, we’re in the present moment.

June Soulful Voices

Humor Heals - When we laugh, we’re in the present moment.



In my twenties, I loved visiting a wine bar called Valentin in my hometown.

Named in honor of the German comedian Karl Valentin, often called the “Charlie Chaplin of Germany.”


His quotes on the wall of the bar kept us thinking and laughing. Valentin was a master at playing with words. I loved how he took a spin on ordinary daily things inviting us to turn our view around: "Laugh about yourself! Don't take yourself so seriously."


“I am happy when it rains because if I am not happy, it’ll still rain.” ~ Karl Valentin

He inspired today's practice!


🌴 Tiny Island - Three Sides

Everything has three sides:

One positive - one negative - one funny!


Today, look at everything from the three sides

and observe what happens.


Watch the practice and inspiration here: https://youtu.be/Rv7B5LQAzoc


My friends, make this Tiny Island yours and commit to adding humor to your days. Let it become part of your everyday life.


👉 It’s often easier to be stuck in the negative side of things, leading to complaining or feeling cheated. This is exhausting and often happens unconsciously. So, pay attention, and when you notice this, flip the switch and look for the three sites.


On difficult days, I write an “H” for humor on my wrist to not forget my commitment to giving humor a chance. Because…. Humor Heals!


It’s the little Moments of Joy that change you!

Make yourself a priority!

Weave the Tiny Islands into your days!💗


Big Love,

Manuela 🌴✨🐘


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