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wednesday whisper

"Laughter is sunshine. It chases winter from the human face." ~ Victor Hugo



We’re on our last whisper for our Humor-Helps-Heal Month … or short H. H. H… Say it out loud with a big, intentional smile H. H. H. Good!

Most of you know that smiling, even if you don’t feel like it, triggers your brain to produce happiness hormones. Your brain responds to your smiling muscles.

That’s beautiful. It is a great gift from nature and a good habit to elevate your mood, making us “a little bit” happier.


Here’s the thing - while “a little bit” happier is a good start, lasting true happiness requires more. More deeply felt joy that you create because you choose to!

I’m creating a new outline for my book and courses on moving from heartbreak to happiness. It’s based on my signature tools, the Tiny Islands, which have been helping so many of my clients.

While organizing the practices for the Tiny Island Tour of Germany, one skill stands out:




1. Commit not to get drawn into any more conflict.


Conflict will happen. Awareness about how you respond to it and what you allow to manifest is a game-changer.

Say and write this down:

I am no longer available for that!


  1. Erase “I can’t” from your vocabulary in the face of ongoing challenges.

It’s disempowering and will not help you. Start today to notice when you’re thinking, feeling, or speaking it and reframe:

Say and write this down.

I can….. fill in your word. Or use mine: “I can handle this!”

If you’re now thinking I can’t because of the impossible heartache in your life, I want you to know I’m 100% aware of how that feels. As a special needs mom, my happiness muscle ached from day one, and I healed it.


  1. Committing to a daily soulful self-care practice is non-negotiable.
  • It must ignite your love for life.
  • Guide you to self-reflection.
  • Move you to say 100% yes to what destiny delivered.


If you love the 🌴 Tiny Islands, learn more about it and start the Tiny Island Tour today.

You’ll love pictures of the beauty of my hometown, Speyer. Learn how to put a magnifying glass on your daily actions and use heightened awareness to let go of outdated beliefs and habits. And, of course, grow new empowering ways for your life.


Here's today's inspiration on how to grow more smiles:


🌴Tiny Island Tip - Whole Body Smile


Love yourself more, not less, when challenged!

Big Love…


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