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“Whatever lifts the corner of your mouth, trust that.” ~ Rumi

September Soulful Voices


“Whatever lifts the corner of your mouth, trust that.” Rumi


September is Humor-Helps-Heal Month (or short H.H.H, say this out loud!)

H.H.H. is a foundation in Germany like Clown Care in the U.S.

I adopted H.H.H. to my Tiny Islands!


Do you know the feeling that life is getting faster and faster?

Have you wondered why we are always busy getting somewhere?

This hustle and bustle is everywhere, and the general mood? It's rushed, grumpy, and sad.

Do you know what’s hidden behind the busyness?


A deep longing for fulfillment, belonging, and true happiness.


Yet, happiness cannot be sought, only found.


Real happiness lies behind the surface; it’s not there. It resides within.

We find it in the moments we relax into the luxury of having time.


Here’s a sweet story:

I met an older gentleman in a Park. I was visiting an ancient chapel I wanted to use as a backdrop for the Tiny Island Tour of Germany.

The Park also has a beautiful wooden swing where I wanted to tape the Tiny Island -  Pink Bow Therapy.

An old gentleman walked by and watched me. He looked suspicious at the gray-haired woman with a big pink bow on her head swinging.

I paused and said hello. The moment I smiled at him, broke the ice, and he smiled back. His eyes ping-ponged between my bow and the phone in my hand: “Did you take a selfie?”.

Now, that question surprised me.

We had a sweet conversation about what selfies are. Yes, some people are walking around without a 5" square in their hands.😃

I showed him some pictures. And let him in on my secret about why I have a bow on my head: “It makes me and people walking by happy!”

He did a hat tip, smiled with a wink in his eyes, and continued his walk.

There it was! That special feeling of belonging and having time filled me, and I’m sure my visitor with gratitude and happiness.


Are you interested in following your longing by sharing time and smiles?

Enjoy today's practice getting you started:


Tiny Island - Pink Bow Therapy.

Put a bow on your head.

Let your inner child out to play.

Look at yourself in a mirror.

Refuse any disempowering thoughts or words.

Say aloud

H H H…. repeat H H H

Celebrate and grow your smile!

Let your pink bow connect you to your longings.


P.S. Pick any color you like.

Let me know if you can say H H H and be grumpy!

Watch the YouTube video here.


My friends, our smiles might not heal the world. But humor, laughter, and smiles will make you and the people you meet feel better. And … Smiles are free.


Love yourself more, not less, when challenged!

Big Love… 



P.S. Come With Me on my Tiny Island Tour of Germany here!

P.P.S. 2024 will be AMAZING! Experience my 2000-year-old city Speyer in Germany, and the power of the Tiny Island Journey in July 2024 with me. Say YES in the comments and I put you on the list!

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