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goodbye doubt



Last week, I shared how finding your Soul Word is a powerful Tiny Island ritual. Read here.

Your Soul Word  anchors you in the present moment! It keeps you on track to cultivating unconditional happiness.

My Soul Word for October is Paradise. Every morning, I choose the intention to find and feel paradise. Every evening, I reflect  and recommit.


This is what Paradise means to me:

1. Choosing Joy - Being aware of Beauty - inside and out

2. Choosing Peacefulness to Cultivate Contentment

3. Honoring painful experiences and feelings - feel them and let them go.

# 3 is vital. What hurts you will show up. Thrive to see it as your teacher!


Remembering my Soul Word as I experience my day reminds me:

✨ Not to dwell on doubt or painful experiences


✨ Lift me out of it as I remember what life is about.


Most of you know my daughter Sarina’s challenges are part of my life; the edema is painful for her and pinches my heart each time she sends a picture.

As a parent, we need to develop Brave Boundaries not to be swept away into an endless worry chain that will shrink us and steal our joy. 


Both pictures below are from the same day.

Invitation on how to nurture happiness as you look at the pictures

I invite you to celebrate my joy as you acknowledge my pain.

Then turn around and do the same with what’s painful on your life's path. Commit to doing everything to cultivate joy!



Hop on this Tiny Island today and make it your daily practice. Persist in chasing doubt:

🌴 Tiny Island  ✨ Goodbye Doubt

Do you wish for more ease or peace…or…? Anything you wish to have more of is part of your longing and helps you find your Soul Word.

Do you wish for more guidance? Please check out the Tiny Island Tour of Germany. It’s a 30-day journey and anchored in finding and cultivating your word!


💗 You’re important! Invest in your growth! Act on your longing, not your doubt!

Love yourself more, not less, when challenged!


Big Love…


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