✨ Wednesday Whisper 6/28/23

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Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live!



Today I invite you back to one of my soul places, the Kneipp Spa in my hometown, Speyer, Germany. It’s a spot I visit to make time to care for and energize myself using water!


What’s a soul place?


A soul place is a spot you love to hang out in your home or nature.

You go there intending to care for your body, mind, and soul. To pause and interrupt the autopilot. Instead, you relax, breathe, rejuvenate, let go, heal, and listen to your soul's longing.


What’s a Kneipp Spa?


Please read here and learn about the Kneipp Espresso:

Today I’d love to inspire you to energize your legs with water and, as a result, feel great. You’ll strengthen your immune system, and circulation, and say goodbye to tired legs and worried thoughts.

🎁 It's a gift, free of charge and without side effects!


🌴 Tiny Island - Stork Walk 

use your tub, pool, lake, or ocean.

Walk like a stork in 64 F cold water.

Water level below knees.

Pull one leg, including the foot, out of the water with each step.

Stop when a feeling of cold appears.

Let the water drip off, air dry, or wear warm socks.

Extra Gift - you improve your Balance flamingo

P.S.: Do this only when your feet are warm. If they are cold, warm them up first


Watch the practice here.

Kneipp Cold Water Therapy - The Stork


No Tub or Pool near?

🌴 Tiny Island Alternative - 

Use your shower head or garden hose.

Right Leg first.

Let the water run over the back of your right foot

Move up along the outside of the calf.

Until you have reached your knee.

Guide the water to flow over your knee

and back down the inside of your calf.

Until you reach the foot again.

Repeat this on the left leg.


Here’s a refresher about the power of The Tiny Island!

They are life instructions on how to embrace and celebrate the life you have. Their magic lies in helping you make soulful self-care part of your life. They build your inner strength, to stay calm under stress.

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