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Humor is medicine  for your Soul

August Soulful Voices


Humor is medicine for your Soul


I declare Wednesdays as our



The tool we use to celebrate this week is… Humor.

When we laugh, our brain produces happiness hormones.

Even in difficult times when nothing seems to be going quite right, a good sense of humor can be nothing short of a life savior!


When we focus on finding things that bring us joy, we are paying attention, we anchor in the present moment. And we realize that happiness is a choice.


Remember the Tiny Island Spin something from Joy?

It’s my most treasured tip for you… JOY always delivers more JOY.


Click here to enjoy my  🌴Tiny Island Tip - Humor Heals - Hello Balloons

And for more smiles, enjoy the balloons:

More celebration:

The Women Loving Live Summit was a huge success. The reviews coming in are filling up my happiness account! Thank you to all who were there to support me! One of my clients who purchase my “Tiny Island Tour of Germany” already started the journey and shared her 30-Day Soul word with me!  It’s the first Tiny Island on the tour and a powerful, life changing practice!


Find the Tiny Island of Germany here!

Love yourself more not less when challenged!

Big Love, Manuela

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