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"To truly laugh, you must be able to take your pain and play with it." Charly Chaplin



September is Humor-Helps-Heal Month (or short H.H.H, say this out loud!) Read last week's whisper here.

I read a current research paper about Humor as survival training for a stressed-out world.


Who wouldn’t want that?

How about you? Do you have enough humor in your life? Can you imagine taking your pain and playing with it? 


If you’re reading my Wednesday Whispers, you’ll get inspiration on how to have more of it by hopping on the Tiny Island Journey. It’s crucial to intentionally add humor to your day. Only remembering when you read about it is not good enough!


The magic lies in growing a new empowering habit. Your Humor Habit!

And being serious about letting go of any disempowering habits.


What pulls you down? What makes you anxious, needy, beastly, or depressed?

My friends, you must wheat out the negative and replace it with positive thoughts and feelings to live a genuinely happy life. No excuses!


Here’s a story about how habits grow:

I have a small patch of grass in front of my apartment. I didn’t want to waste our precious water by watering it all summer long. I replaced the grass with low-growing herbs that only need water twice a year. Because I live only part-time in Germany, I couldn't tend to it, and clover took over, destroying the herbs.

It looked sad.

After a heavy summer rain, I started to pull the clover, one plant at a time, to make room for the herbs to come back. Every morning at 6 a.m., I tended to the herbs while pulling clover. Four weeks into this, my little patch is a winner with beautiful green herbs. It’s a joy to see and walk barefoot over it whenever possible.

Habits are exactly like this. They obey the law: what we feed growth. If we let negative habits (clover) grow deeper and deeper pathways in our brains, new positive habits (herbs) will have difficulty finding nourishment to grow.


Today’s Tiny Islands Tip is from my Treasure Chest of all things creating joy.

I invite you to stop being so serious and wrapped up in adulting and add humor to your life.

Tiny Island Tip - Blow Bubbles:


I shared the words below many times before:

🫧 There is no angry way to say bubbles.

Try and let me know if that’s true!


My friends, our smiles might not heal the world. But humor, laughter, and smiles will make you and the people you meet feel better. And … Smiles are free. Get yourself some bubbles!


Love yourself more, not less, when challenged!

Big Love…



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